Cantu Beauty Came to Slay at Texture on the Runway


"When I tell y'all Cantu held nothing back, they brought everything to Texture on the Runway! Fronted by The Maria Antoinette as their host for the night, Cantu took us all on a family trip featuring viral sensations and influencers as their models, along with creating a very fun and lively show while showing what their product line can do.

All fashion selections for the night were coordinated by stylist Harrison T. Crite and team. Harrison picked looks by independent designers and ready-to-wear brands, with an emphasis on selecting designs consumers can shop now. Designers worn included Chen Burkett NYKira NacoleMalcolm Diggs, Terell Shåw,and Midget Giraffe. With a huge focus on afrocentric textiles in green and orange hues to match the Cantu brand, Crite & his team created looks that were comfortable, kid friendly, and incredibly stylish for all members of the family. His biggest sentiment when selecting his looks for Texture on The Runway included his ode to utilize the TOTR "platform to give more opportunities to showcase their designs for NYFW."

Lauren Murray