A Mental Health Therapist Speaks: What is Self-Care?

"So therapy is positive self-care, and sometimes people try to substitute positive self-care in place of therapy. When we break it down, we think about energy drainers and energy gainers. That’s how I think about self-care. What gives you energy? What is restoring you? More than likely it is not about that bottle of wine after work. But I would say to go deeper with self-care. Don’t get it twisted though. Sometimes, self-care just means saying no, implementing a boundary, and saying yes to resting and relaxing. I think once we get stuck there in that "relaxation", it can become an issue because we are just treating the surface. Deep healthy self-care is figuring out what restores you and what puts you at peace. That means learning healthy boundaries, learning how to say no to people also, learning how to fuel yourself with the right foods and deciding if something is a healthy coping skill or an unhealthy skill. Even having a clean room makes a difference in how you feel. Just remember, everyone’s self-care plans look different because we all have different needs." 


Lauren Murray