Interview: 195 LEWIS pt. 1

"195 Lewis is a dramatic comedy series about a group of friends navigating what it’s like to be black, queer, and poly in NYC. It’s very specifically Bed-Stuy. I’m a film maker but I’ve been producing for the most part for about 10 years now. My partner and I, Terrence Stance, we have a film production company called MVMT. So, most of my background is in producing. The two creators of 195 Lewis are Rae Leon Allen and Yaani Supreme. They created this show and crafted these characters and these experiences and had a preliminary script and actually approached Terrence to direct. Terrence and I had been a producer/director team for about a decade. So, they initially approached him, and he looked at the script and said, "This is about queer women of color…” so he clearly pushed it over to me. He thought that I should do this. Of course, I had never directed before, but I’ve had ideas for some short films, so it just made sense. So, I had a conversation with Yaani and we talked for hours about some poly experiences, the queer community here in Brooklyn, and a lot of other random stuff. Even after the conversation I was still like "Oh I don't know... This is so special," I turned it down. I didn’t think I had enough experience. And she just wasn’t taking the rejection. She was like “No, I think you are the right person to do it. I think you would bring a lot to the show. We vibe really well.  I think you should do it. Just. Because it’s your first time doing a thing doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be the most amazing thing of all time.” She really had a lot of confidence in me and my vision.”

Lauren Murray