This Small Business Owner's Self-Care Routine Includes Supporting Her Peers

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"I wanted to become a hairdresser and have my own hair salon. I always did hair for my friends and family, but once I started doing hair for people I didn't know, I realized that I liked to do what I wanted to do to people's hair and not what they wanted me to do! I learned quickly that being a bossy hair dresser wasn't going to work and that instead, I should go be a boss.

There are goals that I've set for BIGCHOPHAIR and they still haven't been reached so until those milestones are met, I'm still waiting for the pinch myself moment.

My biggest obstacle, which I am still trying to overcome, is opening a location. At the moment, BIGCHOPHAIR is online. I offer a local pick-up in Long Island, but I do not have an actual location. I’ve been in business for four years now; at least once a week, I talk of opening a storefront. I do see it in our future but the time isn't right just yet."

Lauren Murray