Shop The Maker: The Face Edition


Major shoutout to cystic acne for allowing me to recognize the power of a solid skincare routine. Now that I know the power of a good serum, I’m never going back to that drugstore Cetaphil. Curious as to how I keep my breakouts at bay? Here are my top faves for during the day skincare. Say goodbye to your Sephora points now.


Lauren Napier Cleanse Wipes - $20 - My ultimate go to for makeup removal, the Lauren Napier Cleanse Wipes is the solution for those long night days that turn into long nights and you just can’t even with a double cleanse. The Cleanse wipes are filled with cucumber & aloe to soothe the skin, while the wipes work overtime to remove crazy stubborn eye makeup. I’m #obsessed.

Sunday Riley C.E.O Cleansing Oil - $38 - For my nights when I do have a little extra time to double cleanse, I like to use this oil for my first go-round. It is filled with a superior form of Vitamin C, making it ideal for brightening my post teenage years hyper-pigmentation & acne scars. The light citrus scent also is a winner in my book.

Tatcha The Essence - $95 - Meet luxury at her finest. Tatcha has solidified themselves as the goto skincare brand for your first foray into Asian skincare, and every product junkie needs an essence. I like to use this skin softening treatment right before my exfoliants, so my pores are being filled with all the good stuff before the dead stuff falls away.

Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment - $105 - Not for the faint of heart or pocketbooks, Good Genes will make you feel like Beyonce, if she used a Lactic Acid Treatment. The smell is terrible (think baby puke), but the results are overnight.

Trader Joe’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum - $8.99 - With the winter season approaching, my skin tends to freak the hell out & turn into crack city. This Hyaluronic acid serum pulls moisture from the air & into my pores and creates the perfect breeding ground for instant hydration. Can we say dewy skin all year round?

Tatcha The Water Cream - $68 - Tatcha comes in to save the day again, all thanks to the pore eliminating Water Cream moisturizer. I love to layer this on lightly during the day and super thick at night for constant hydration without making me feel like an oil slick.

Glossier Invisible Shield Sunscreen - $25 - No skincare regimen is complete without a solid sunscreen in your arsenal to protect your delicate face from UVA & UVB rays. Enter Glossier. A lightweight, SHEER sunscreen that doesn’t leave me greasy & plays nicely with my heavy regimen will always get my coins.


Eve Lom Rescue Repair Mask - $85 - Forget Netflix & Chill. I’m on Netflix & Face-masking. This Eve Lom Mask works to rapidly repair dry, acne prone skin overnight through its resurfacing capabilities. Leave on for 20 minutes, say hello to a better you.

Laneige Pore Heating & Clearing Duo - $23 - Y’all. If your skincare has never heated on contact, you are truly missing out. As someone who has experienced hormonal breakouts since birth, this pore clearing duo is used at every moon time. The first tube dries like a heated gel & dissolves the grime in your pores, while the 2nd tube is a clay mask that pulls out excess dirt remnants.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask - $20 - My holy grail of holy grails, this keeps my lips from looking like Duchess from Black Ink Crew. Ideally used a sleeping mask, I use this baby like a lip balm all day, errday. It makes your pout super soft, removes dead skin cells, and works great as a lipstick primer for those extra drying matte styles we all love.

Now my night routine is a whole other beast, so I’ll save that for another post, but just know ya girl’s skincare game is on point. What are your product faves? The people want to know!

Lauren Murray