Meet The Space: Glossier Showroom, NYC

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Glossier Showroom, NYC

Last winter, I had the chance to check out the first brick & mortar space for Glossier, millennial cult favorite beauty brand. Immediately, I was able to understand how they have capitalized on experiential marketing, positioned themselves as a beauty disruptor, & quickly garnered the attention & funding of millions of millennials. The Glossier brand is here to stay and their digital presence has completely manifested over into the physical, appearing as the "You Look Good" slogan on IG pages everywhere. 

When you first arrive at the showroom on Lafayette street, you are greeted by a huge Glossier flag announcing their presence. Inside the singular door on the first floor, an elevator awaits to take you upstairs to the actual space. Enter the Land of All Things Pink: It was a pastel dream, coated in blush hues, fresh flowers, Victorian statues, and mechanics jumpsuits (btw, I still need to cop one of these for myself). 

The entire place is an Instagram moment & you become apart of the Glossier team as shoppers are encouraged to pick up, test, & swatch all of the products. A team member pops over to me, dabs a little cloud paint on my cheeks, and just like that my budget is blown. I am now the proud owner of several pink bubble wrap bags. 

Cue Founder Emily Weiss on the future of beauty brands & Glossier's unique positioning..."Instead of taking control of the Glossier brand as CEO, Weiss has ceded control of the brand to her consumers. She believes that her cadre of loyal users, evangelists, and influencers are the real brand makers — that brand making, in the future, is a decentralized process rather than one that comes from the top down, a belief that is likely heresy and, frankly, scary as hell for many highly-paid Fortune 500 CMOs right now. Weiss, though, is unafraid, and that is what makes her and Glossier so special." - (via Forbes)

Considering the brand has been around for 4 years and in early 2018 seeded $52 million in a Series C round, I'm excited to watch the Glossier brand grow, both in the digital & physical spaces.  

Next stop, Glossier Canyon.