Shop the Maker: The Body Edition

No stranger to self-care in all forms, my body care is of the utmost importance in my “Lauren living her best life” regimen and I have an entire arsenal products to back me up. Meet my faves & be prepared to spend hours rubbing yourself down. You’re welcome.


Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub

My bath time is coveted because this is my moment to truly rinse away the stresses of the day, soak in my element (Scorpio forever!). Always one to look for something new to incorporate into my regimen, I found this Aesop scrub by total happenstance. If you’re looking for a good body polish that isn’t super abrasive, but still gets the job done, Aesop is where its at.

This scrub is infused with Pumice Stone, Bamboo Stem, & Geranium Leaf (all key ingredients that brighten & slough away dead skin cells), but the true takeaway is how your skin feels afterwards. You’re soft, but not slippery, and the glow is ridiculous. 10/10 would recommend.

Le Labo - Santal 33

My journey into scents is really fresh as I have just gotten into the idea of wanting a signature smell. Coming a long way from the days of wearing Juicy Couture from Marshall’s (LOL), I have found that I want my scent to grow with me as I age into a mature almost 30 year old, fake has her shit together adult. Le Labo takes the cake as my winner due to the extremely intoxicating scent of its Santal 33. Filled with cardamom, iris, violet, amber & wood alloy (Australian sandalwood, papyrus, cedarwood), Santal 33 is everything you knew you needed, but had to wait for a “treat yourself paycheck” first.

I love to spritz this on right before a big meeting, a first date, right after I get my hair done, or when I need to shake up the world a little bit. Don’t fret over the price point though as a little truly does go a long way and the scent lasts up to 8 hours! Did someone say I need the body oil next…? ;)

Fur Oil

Now I’m no stranger to my lady parts, but I was always of the mindset that you just shouldn't put anything extra down there. But why can’t we moisturize the hairs that protect her instead? Introducing Fur Oil, my latest obsession to baby soft, non irritated pubes. Fur Oil is specifically formulated for that delicate, yet abrasive pubic hair, but it doesn’t mess up the ph level of your body & it works to soften the hairs. I’m seeing a trend here with wanting things to be soft… I love to use this when I truly want to worship myself & as a little extra pick me up when I’m on my period. Happy vag, happy life.

So how do you self-care in the name of blowing your budget?

Lauren Murray