Let's Talk About Sleep


What is good sleep anymore? I mean honestly….If you’re anything like me (an over caffeinated, multiple hat wearing millennial), sleep is such a foreign concept. Monday’s are even more particularly hard for me, since I’m still groggy from the weekend and my sleep patterns at night aren’t really helping me out.

As I fight my way to good sleep & stress management, there’s nothing like a sleep toolkit to get you where you want to go. Meet my after 9pm favorites.

Woodenspoon Herbs Sweet Dreams:

30 drops under the tongue and you’re headed to the most zen af state before bedtime. Infused with Valerian root for sleep promotion and Skullcap for aiding the nervous system, this tincture serves as my bedtime support about 30 minutes before I’m about to hit the hay. I’m also a go hard or go home type of girl, so I tend to double up on my dosage and do two dropperfulls. Crazy, I know.

Lavender Essential Oil:

Never slept on (😉), Lavender oil will always be a go-to for my wanting to achieve ultimate relaxation. I love to drip a few drops onto my pillow and diffuse my oils as a part of my night ritual. Lavender Essential Oil mixed into a carrier oil is also a great way to put it directly onto the body, which I have found helps so much with easing sore muscles.

Now Magnesium Topical Spray:

If there was ever a product I could say changed my life in one night, this would be it. Let’s nerd out for a bit. Magnesium ( an electrolyte) is literally needed for almost every necessary body function, yet almost 80% of the world is deficient in it due to soil depletion, gut problems, nutrition, everything. What happens next? When we are deficient in Mg, we start having issues with mood stabilization, adrenal fatigue, muscle performance, headaches, thyroid, the list goes on. To combat this, adding in a Mg supplement helps your body get your RDI of this miracle worker and that can be done in multiple ways.

The topical route: 5 sprays of this bad boy on the feet or the stomach before bedtime helps your body to absorb its benefits faster and send you into the most blissful drooling sleep there ever was. Nights I don’t use this, I toss and turn, wake up, spray away, and hit REM faster than ever. Now, I’m not saying you can bottle Jesus, but if you needed a comparison…🤷

Lauren Murray